Recently, Omega released a new 007 series watch. This watch is a watch worn by James Bond in the movie "No Time To Die" to be released in April 2020. This watch has been released in February, fans can feel Bond's charming style in the wrist. Wikipedia No Time To Die.

The first impression of this watch is that it has a strong retro style. Although the appearance is still the familiar Omega SeaHorse 300, it looks a bit like the recently popular "salmon" color from afar, with a unique flavor. The overall size of the watch is 42mm, which is the diameter that has been used since the launch of the new SeaHorse 300. Then the best version of the Omega SeaHorse 007 replica watch is the version made by vs factory. (Vs factory has 20 years of production experience of omega replica watch). For more introduction to replica watches, what is the best replica watches in the world, findreplicawatches links

On the whole, this latest Omega 007 Replica Watch in 2020 is indeed amazing, and the quality control is quite in place, especially the polishing and shaping of the case is quite perfect. Why do you say this? The original case material is made of titanium, and the VS factory is made of stainless steel. The diameter of this watch is 42 mm, which is ideal for most hands. It is worth noting that in order to achieve retro elements, the bezel material is made of aluminum, the black dial design is simple and neat, the six-point calendar window is cancelled, and the "Broad Arrow" triangle broad arrow mark of the British royal property is above the 6 o'clock position. The bezel and dial are paired with brown font scales to show the tropical hue of vintage models over time.

Omega 007 Replica Watch's middle shaft's big three needles are opened separately, and the surface of the three needles is processed by the wire drawing process, which is very delicate. The unidirectional rotating bezel made of ceramic is comfortable and convenient to operate. The outer ring engraved with brown enamel technology is resistant to dirt and scratches and has a longer life. The sapphire mirror surface has the same arch shape as the original, and the interior is anti-reflective treatment, which has excellent transparency.

The biggest highlight of this fake Omega 007 watch is that its mirror surface uses a bubble mirror with a strong retro sense. The scientific name is sapphire crystal mirror curved glass. From the side, we can clearly know that the mirror surface is curved, and the plate Exactly. The head LOGO is very bright after polishing. At 11 o'clock on the left is the exhaust valve, which is the same as the original. After opening, you can see the red waterproof rubber ring. The screw-in crown, due to the short plate of the movement, will undo the calendar when you unscrew the head and pull out two frames to adjust the time.

The design of the dense bottom, which is treated by the wire drawing process in the center, is particularly gentle and delicate. The bottom cover is designed with the NAIAD LOCK lock to ensure that the engraved lettering is always in a vertical position. The movement has always been a specialty of the VS factory. The self-produced 8806 integrated movement has a movement size of 26.5MM, which is much smaller than the 29.2MM of the 8500. The back of the auto rotor is not modified and polished, but it can be seen that the CNC process is very mature, the edge treatment is very round, there will not be any burr, and the surface is sandblasted. The accuracy, anti-magnetic and timing performance have reached higher industry standards.

Titanium mesh straps with adjustable buckles are very rare, and dark brown, gray and beige NATO three-color striped cloth straps can be easily matched no matter what season, the two switch at will, depending on mood choices. This luminous Omega 007 Replica Watch is very unique, the outer circle numbers are also filled with luminous powder this time, the effect shows a tropical color, and uses a two-color fluorescent design, the minute hand and the 12 o'clock night pearl adopts green fluorescence, other scales include outer circle numbers Using blue fluorescence, the luminous effect is quite poisonous, very exquisite and beautiful, giving people an ultimate visual experience.

2020 Omega 007 Replica Watch

The VS factory's high-level watchmaking technology and ultra-high cost performance are presented to the public. This titanium Omega 007 Replica watch is not only controlled in any occasion, the two straps allow you to wear any clothes, and the diving watch is excellent. Type and rugged performance, many men can choose it as a daily wear model in spring and summer.